Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

After seeing the surprisingly good Edge of Tomorrow, (my review can be found here: https://wilsonreviews.wordpress.com/2014/05/31/edge-of-tomorrow/),  it seemed only logical to go back and review another Tom-Cruise-action-epic-with-explosions-where-he-saves-the-day. The latest installment in the series that made Cruise a credible action star is a worthy addition. The film has everything you’d desire from a M.I. film, and all in the right quantities. This is shown in the opening. A standard run’n’gun’em scene moves into a charismatic and comedic prison break, showing us our first glimpse of Pegg, Cruise and Paula Patton, before unleashing that most famous of theme songs. A very good beginning to a very good film.

The premise is solid and provides a very watchable story, even if it is teetering on the border between epic and ludicrous. Without going into the whole story-line, the team assembled has the task of breaking into the Kremlin. Even Pegg’s character is astonished at scale of operation; ‘I thought you said the Kremlin!?’ Not only would this be near-impossible, someone else has managed to do so on the same day. Near ludicrous it may be, but you get what the title suggests. You’re mission if you choose to accept it, is to look past the silly and see the film’s obvious appeal.

This appeal is in the film’s exceptional characters, and the actors behind them. Yes, he may be older (the hair doesn’t help), but Cruise still looks the part, and more importantly, acts the part. Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is a very viable modern-day action hero. Not only is he excellent, but his big name supporting actors do more than their part to improve the film. Simon Pegg’s comedic charm acts as a much-needed breather in between action sequences and tension points, whereas Jeremy Renner is an first-rate support action man, showing much of the potential that landed him the ‘Bourne Legacy’ and Hawkeye roles. Paula Patton too plays her part well, bringing in a not-too subtle female touch to a film that would drastically lack one without her. Not simply present to tick a box, Patton’s presence makes the film a much stronger movie in terms of action, fight-scenes and entertainment. The group of four works very well, some would say they are fantastic.

The action is free-flowing, the laughs are constant and the visuals are epic; it is a shame the story isn’t as strong as many of the films other assets.

Full of charisma, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol ‘cruises’ to a ★ ★ ★



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