One to Watch: Tye Sheridan

Some of you will know of Tye Sheridan, but others of you won’t. Yet, all of you should. Sheridan is a young American actor who, to date, has appeared in three feature films. The quality of these performances has forced me into writing a piece on his work, as I feel his career will only go from strength to strength. With many roles on the horizon, we will be seeing a lot more of Tye Sheridan.

First Film: The Tree of Life

2011’s The Tree of Life was the start for this fresh-faced Texan boy. I recently reviewed the film at: Playing the youngest of three brothers on Terrance Malick’s abstract picture, Sheridan is a background picture for the majority of the film. He has few lines in a film stylistically short on dialogue, yet for one at such a young age, Sheridan managed to convey feelings of fear and sorrow well.

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Big Break: Mud

Mud was a big film for Tye Sheridan as well as for Matthew McConaghey. Though McConaghey played the titular role, it is often Sheridan who grabs focus in Mud. As Ellis, one of two boys that get entangled in the life of a fugitive, Sheridan puts in a truly brilliant performance.

Sheridan is asked to give several sides to his youthful character. In one scene Sheridan is a young adult, standing against the unfairness of the divorce of his parents, whilst in others he is still a child, displaying innocence in dealings with Mud’s love story. The McConaissance may be the highlight in this film, but Tye Sheridan gives an extremely impressive account of his acting abilities, and on occasion, steals the limelight.

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Follow-Up: Joe

Sheridan’s showing in Joe is a more rounded one than that in Mud. Sheridan’s performance is still a very raw one, but the experience of working with talented actors such as Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon in his first two pictures looked to have had some impact on the young actor. Playing a similar role to Mud, Sheridan is not the titular character, but is often in the spotlight. The son of a troubled, abusive drifter, Sheridan’s character must pit himself against his father’s wrath to protect his depressed family. His interactions with Joe, a local man with his own contractor business, are stark contrast to those with his father. His relationship with one grows as the other deteriorates, leaving Sheridan’s character constantly fighting for stability. He acts with maturity and confidence, sliding effortlessly between childlike glee in his interactions with Joe and steadfast resilience in the face of his father’s fury. Sheridan excels in Joe, raising  the film as a whole onto another level.

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