They Came Together

Remember all of the over-the-top, romantic, cutesy flicks you’ve ever seen? Well, take the most fluffed-up of their stereotypes and throw them into a big cinematic blender. Add a double dose of self-awareness to the mix, and you might just have They Came Together.

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Set as a dinner time conversation with some friends, Rudd and Poehler reminisce the steps of their heavily-trodden relationship track. Each step is something you’ve seen a hundred times before and They Came Together makes a point out of highlighting this.

The film is smart; so smart that it fluctuates between moments of intelligent hilarity and those that are too smart for its own good. You’ll be laughing at their parodies, but you’ll also be left wondering why they went so far.

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Yet, if you can appreciate the smart-arse-ness, and don’t find it too sickening, the film’s silliness will keep you laughing. Thanks to the film’s modest run time, these laughs feel fresh, and don’t get too stale as the film moves on. The comic chemistry of Rudd and Poehler is clear to see, and backed up by a plethora of comic US talent, there’s plenty to enjoy.

They Came Together is going to polarise. I’m a fan of this film, but I have a soft spot for Paul Rudd. In saying this, I’m very aware that it’s humour won’t be for everyone.

When Harry Met Sally fans look away now, or maybe don’t. You might like it.

★★ 1/2


N.B. Despite all that, it was worth watching just for this face:

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2 thoughts on “They Came Together

  1. Good review. You’ve got it right, so many people are going to be misled into this one. I didn’t expect it to quite a spoofy as it was, but in the end, I had a certain amount of breezy fun with it. Some of sexual humour was surprising too.

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