Three of a Kind: Festive Favourites

As my lovely Kate ( and I will be spending December 25th apart, we decided to have Christmas Day early to exchange presents and celebrate. We stayed in comfies all day, ate too many biscuits and had a festive feature marathon.

We began, surrounded by pink owl wrapping paper, with the one and only Alan Partridge in…

Knowing Me, Knowing Yule (1995)

Image courtesy of warpedfactor

Image courtesy of warpedfactor

I’d love to have a walk around your head sometime; I bet its very picturesque.

Knowing Me, Knowing Yule isn’t quite a feature film, but at almost an hour long, I made an exception. This winter special has all the charm of Coogan’s previous Partridge performances, with added Mick Hucknall. Knowing Me, Knowing Yule is vintage Coogan and is the epitome of laugh-out loud yuletide fun. Also, its on Netflix!



To follow on with more laughs, we decided that t’was the season to watch…

Elf (2003)

Image courtesy of okmoviequotes

Image courtesy of okmoviequotes

This place reminds me of Santa’s workshop, except it smells of mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me.

Frankly, Elf is Christmas. It seems that every young person’s favourite festive feature is this quirky Favreau-filmed frolic. Yet, I found the one person in the civilised world who hadn’t seen Elf. That’s right, my partner Kate had never seen Elf. To sit with someone watching it with fresh eyes was magical. Other than all of the recycled quotes that Twitter/Tumblr/Primark/ASOS have been ramming down our throats, the more subtle jokes are still as funny as ever. I will never fail to laugh at Ferrell shouting ‘Not now Arctic Puffin!’

Elf is a very clever film, including a snowman that travelled the world as a cloud, and will always have something new to entertain. It was nice to watch Elf and remember when Will Ferrell was genuinely funny.



After watching a modern Christmas classic, it was time to relive a slightly older picture. The night was concluded with…

Jingle All the Way (1996)

Image courtesy of hardtickettohomevideo

Image courtesy of hardtickettohomevideo

I’m not a pervert; I was just looking for a Turbo-man doll!

I love this film. It certainly has its flaws, being the same as every other Arnie film and being blatant crass consumerism, but it ain’t half fun. Schwarzenegger is the king of the action flick, with Predator and Commando being two films very close to my heart, but he’s also the king of the family film. Arnold’s family films are as entertaining as any I’ve seen, as Kindergarten Cop, Batman & Robin and this picture are testaments to.

Jingle All the Way is a special film. Arnie is the workaholic Dad who finds himself in a wintery snowstorm of a scramble to buy the world year’s most popular toy and it is quite a ride. WWE fans look out for Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight who makes an appearance alongside Arnie’s Red Heat buddy James Beluschi, in a typically Schwarzenegger scene. This is a film teaching of touching family values, a very appropriate focus this seasonal period. Undoubtedly, Jingle All the Way is my festive favourite.

(for purely sentimental reasons) ★★★★★



Image courtesy of tumblr

gif courtesy of tumblr



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