Top 10: Best of 2014 (Part 1)

As I said in my 2014 worst films post pt.1 (, 2014 was quite a year. This eclectic year of film had big budget blockbusters that were occasionally as well-made as their more modest counterparts. But you know that, so lets get right into the Top 10 films of 2014:

10. Godzilla

Image courtesy of Warner Bro's

Image courtesy of Warner Bro’s

Going into this film, one should not expect a Bryan Cranston film. Though he was all over the advertising and was billed as the central protagonist, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the one who should have been highlighted. After his Kick Ass phase, Godzilla is a brilliant break-away for the thick-necked soldier.

It is the tension and mystique that surrounds the giant kaiju, that Gareth Edwards did so well. There is a definate air of awe that surrounds the titular creature throughout much of the film, which builds a palpable tension. The story is also so far away from the average predictable-ness that it could have become. For these reasons, Godzilla creeps into the top 10.

9. Lego Movie

Image courtesy of mailchimp

Image courtesy of mailchimp

You know the score about this one already. One of the biggest toy franchises in the world utilises all its tools in order to craft an animated film of the highest quality. Frozen may make more money, but it isn’t a patch on this animated masterpiece. A totalitarian film for kids, The Lego Movie has managed to connect with all walks of people with its witty humor and its serious overtones. Great casting of Ferrell and Arnett also helped make this the best children’s film of 2014.

8. Her

Image courtesy of wearemoviegeeks

Image courtesy of wearemoviegeeks

Despite seeing it all they way back in February, I’m still in love with Her. Not only does it cement Phoenix and Johansson as two of the finest actors working today, it also reaffirms director Spike Jonze’s position at near the summit of film-making.

Not only was Her significantly different to anything else this past year, but other than a certain best-selling book adaptation, Her story was this year’s most intriguing. In a not too distant future, Jonze’s original screenplay offers a look at the world of love, loneliness and happiness. Featuring some of the most beautiful scenes 2014 had to offer, Her was a cinematic experience like no other. Her is a truly special film.

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Image courtesy of athenacinema

Image courtesy of athenacinema

There isn’t anything that I didn’t love about The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s charming, classy and outright hilarious. Never before have I seen Ralph Fiennes so effortlessly entertaining.

Another vision of Anderson’s off-beat mania, GBH is the perfect entrance into his world, and will have surely turned a lot more people onto his frequency. Anderson uses colour and his flamboyant visuals like no other in his most visually rich picture yet. It even has appearances from the classic Anderson characters in the form of Murray. Wilson and Schwatrzman to keep experienced Anderson-ites amused. It may not be my favorite Wes Anderson feature, but it is certainly a excellent film. Bravo Wes! Bravo.

6. Edge of Tomorrow

Image courtesy of youtube

Image courtesy of youtube

Don’t judge a book by its cover. I nearly did and how I would have regretted it. Edge of Tomorrow is the best action film I have seen in a long time.

For once, big guns, explosions and feats of daring aren’t the selling point for this shooty-alien-killing film, as comedy, originality and a solid story are the weapons of choice. Tom Cruise may not be everyone’s favorite actor after Oblivion and Jack Reacher, but here he is in his element. He is allowed to play the soft, squeaky-clean, arrogant arsehole that he plays so well (one wonders why), but his character transforms into one of real heart and grit. Contrasted with Blunt whose transformation moves in the opposite direction, from gritty to soft, the two form a formidable on screen pairing. These two are ever entertaining as the fight to break the time loop they are stuck in.

Edge of Tomorrow was the film that inspired me to start this blog,,  and it was with a heavy heart that it was forced down into the #6 spot by some hearty competition.


Agree? Disagree? Either way, let me know and come back tomorrow for 2014’s Worst Part 2 and the following day for the follow on from this! Hope you enjoy!

(Yesterday’s 2014 Worst Part 1:


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