Trailer Time: The Fantastic Four

I’ve a lot of optimism for this reboot. I mean Miles Teller AND Kate Mara (plus Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.)

It looks to be a much more realistic, dark and generally adult picture than the Ioan Gruffudd films. It seems exactly what the franchise needs.

Be ready for what’s coming.


4 thoughts on “Trailer Time: The Fantastic Four

  1. I completely disagree. I think this is far too serious a tone. Not all superhero movies need to be so dark and serious. Where is the light, lovable Four?

    • They tried that and not very many people liked it. People want either silly (GOTG) or serious (Dark Knight). Marvel are going to try the other way with this franchise, but with actors charismatic enough to still inject some wit and humour. I for one am very behind the new look FF, but it’s good to have differing opinions on these things.

      • It doesn’t have to be silly but can be a lighter in tone. Guardians wasn’t necessarily silly but also didn’t take itself too seriously. I just think all superhero films are becoming similar, with a darker tone and no chance of any light.

      • Well I don’t think the Avengers was dark at all, just a proper action film. I disagree with Guardians not being silly, the dance scenes and action sequences were a very enjoyable silly.

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