The Inaugural Wilson Awards: The Winners

Its time! You’re many(ish) votes have been counted and the results have been analysed.

I’ll just get straight into it:


Best Animated Film

Winner: (By a considerable margin) The Lego Movie

Runner Up: The Wind Rises

This one was a no-brainer. Lego Movie blew everything else out of the water and seems to have been by far the most popular animated film of 2014. However, Emmet doesn’t seem too happy that Batman has stole his moment.


Best British Film

Winner: Under the Skin

Runner Up: Imitation Game

Jonathan Glazer’s surreal alien picture takes the award for being the best British product this past year. In my opinion, very well deserved.


Best Newcomer

Winner: Miles Teller

Runner Up: Jack O’Connell

Jack O’Connell may have picked up the BAFTA Rising Star award, but it is Teller that has picked up the one that really matters. The ‘Wilsie’ for best newcomer 2014. All that despite being in That Awkward Moment. Eeesh.


Biggest Let Down

Winner: Hobbit 3: BotFA

Runner Up: Amazing Spiderman 2

There was only one film that deserved this title and thankfully, it has won. Freeman even picked up the award in full Hobbit attire; what a pro.


Most Overrated

Winner: Boyhood

Runner Up: Birdman

Now this one I don’t agree with. I loved Boyhood, but was very amused that someone voted with ‘Boyhood (A.K.A. Boringhood)’.

image1 (1)

Least Improved Performer

Winner: Mark Wahlberg

Runner Up: Keira Knightly

I doubt many can argue with this one. Despite being nominated for two Oscars, Wahlberg has been in some bad films. Having a year worse than 2013, in which he starred in 2 Guns and Pain & Gain, is quite an achievement. Starring roles in The Gambler and Transformers: Age of Extinction has not gone down well. Marky Mark was so disappointed, he couldn’t even look the ‘Wilsie’ in the face…


Best Director

Winner: Richard Linklater

Runner Up: Wes Anderson

Twelve Years a Boyhood Director. Totally deserved. He was chuffed about winning too.


Best Actor

Winner: Jake Gyllenhaal

Runner Up: Eddie Redmayne

The Oscars may have overlooked him but the Wilson Reviewees picked the anti-hero performance of Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler. I, for one, am proud of you guys and gals.


Best Actress

Winner: Rosamund Pike

Runner Up: Felicity Jones

Look how surprised she looks to have won! Also overlooked this awards ceremony has been Pike’s phenomenal performance in Gone Girl, but not here. Again, I’m so proud of you lot.


Best Film

Winner: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Runner Up: Whiplash

The big one goes to Wes Anderson’s seminal work. Congratulations to him and everyone that was a part of creating the Grand Budapest. Commiserations to Whiplash, but at least Damien Chazelle has the knowledge that it is one of my favorite films of all time. Neither Anderson nor Fiennes was able to collect the award but Tony Revolori and Saoirse Ronan were very happy to oblige.


And we’ve reached the end! I’d like to thank you all for getting involved and supporting Wilson Reviews. Lets all start compiling our favorites and meet back here next year okay?



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