Top 5: February Favourites

After the joy of January, it was inevitable that February would fall flat. Who could expect any more after Oscar season? I’m hoping that February is a low point this year.

I saw seven films at the cinema this month, leaving two pictures outside my Top 5. The Interview and The Wedding Ringer were equally poor, with neither being actually funny. The Wedding Ringer has more heart, whilst The Interview has more laughs, but both are best missed.

So, into the Top 5,

  1. Jupiter Ascending – Full Review

Camp, crazy and a little crap, Jupiter Ascending isn’t a bad as you may have heard. If “time is the most precious commodity in the universe”, I’ve wasted my time in worse ways. The Wachowski’s absurd space opera is a very entertaining flick if you don’t take it too seriously. Let the ridiculous dialogue, silly story and stupid Sean Bean wash over you and you’ll enjoy this outrageous ride. There’s a lot to like in Jupiter Ascending, but there’s also a lot that’s impossible to like.

★★ 1/2

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  1. The Second Best Exotic Marigold HotelFull Review

Second Best Exotic is a worthy sequel. Retaining the life and spirit of its predecessor, Second Best Exotic is another light-hearted jolt through the Indian landscape with the British charm collective. Patel and Smith provide a vastly entertaining pair of opposites, framing the film with their humour. The film is a little flabby and overcrowded, but these are only small problems. Take your mom, take your dad, take your grandparents. They’ll enjoy it and so will you.


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  1. Kingsman: The Secret ServiceFull Review

Kingsman is run and gun ‘em, take-no-prisoners, mad-cap action fun. A solid underdog story turns into an old school spy caper with a trademark Vaughn twist. Some charismatic leads overshadow a grating Sam Jackson in an over-the-top story. Gratuitous violence and glorious visuals act as further spectacle to fill the 129 minute run-time. Kingsman is a mad-Matrix MoonRaker – fun but with its flaws.

★★★ 1/2

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  1. Skeleton Twins

This is not the film you may expect. Seeing a film starring Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader may make you think of Adventureland, but this is not much alike. The film is equally amusing, but in a darker, more cynical manner. Skeleton Twins is a film about depression, family, life, trust and much, much more. It deals with each of these complex topics delicately, especially that involving Ty Burrell.

A very impressive film that will make you cry as much as it will make you laugh. See this film.


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  1. PaddingtonFull Review

Revamping a classic British children’s character may be a scary notion, but this adaptation is almost as satisfying as a marmalade sandwich is to a small bear. Its modern depiction of the bear’s journey through London is very accurate of the overwhelming nature of our capital. This is one of the most British films I have ever seen, thanks to its eclectic cast of British talent. These actors bring the traditional British wit which is the film’s biggest success.

Paddington is brilliant British belter.


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And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the list. Don’t forget to check back in next month!



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