Trailer Time: Blade Runner: The Final Cut

There isn’t much to say about Blade Runner that hasn’t been said before. All I can add is my experience of Ridley Scott’s seminal work. I saw Blade Runner for the first time only a few weeks ago and was hypnotised by the visual journey in front of me. The adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s dystopian Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is a marvelous piece of cinema that has more than stood the test of time. Its visual cinematography is strikingly gorgeous, whilst its comments and motifs are still remarkably relevant. It seems that one could not overestimate the importance of Blade Runner to the sci-fi genre, with a great number of parallels apparent with modern sci-fi.

The below trailer is for the BFI-commissioned Blade Runner: The Final Cut, which will be sliding into selected local cinemas in the very near future. Not even a replicant would miss an opportunity like this one.

If you would like to see my reviews of films that have drawn influence from Blade Runner, I have listed a couple below:


Ex Machina:



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