Top 5: March Favourites

March was a mixed bag. I saw a total of six films at the cinema, including some real shockers.

The only film to miss out on my Top 5 this month is the abysmal The Gunman. My thoughts on that can be found at:


5. The Voices

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

I didn’t like The Voices. It is only on the list to make up the numbers. I couldn’t tell if many of the film’s scenes were shit intentionally, or unintentionally. Though Anna Kendrick was her cutesy self, and Reynolds was reasonably charming, they weren’t enough to rescue this misfire.


4. Run All Night

Image courtesy of dorkshelf

Image courtesy of dorkshelf

Run All Night features all the usual troupes in urban crime flicks – crooked cops, dodgy dealings and barrel-loads of bullets. Yet, Run All Night makes you care through its touching and emotional father-son relationship. Neeson and Kinnaman shine in an all-star cast and feature in some rather exhilarating set-pieces, such a the chair-leg Revenge of the Sith moment.

★★ 1/2

3. Chappie

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Image courtesy of

Chappie hasn’t the message or dramatic tension of District 9, nor the dirty action of Elysium. What Chappie does do is blend elements of both these films into a lighter ‘popcorn’ picture that isn’t quite as impressive as either predecessor. Yet, this doesn’t make Chappie any less worthwhile. I loved the film’s characters and I enjoyed being back in the very familiar world. Yet, it is the worse of Blomkamp’s pictures, and for that reason, many will be left underwhelmed.


2. Still Alice

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Still Alice is the single most upsetting and distressing film I have ever seen. Yet in the same breath, it is a story of joy, bravery and resilience in the face of a truly unforgiving tragedy. The film’s depiction will only evoke feelings of admiration towards similar patient’s bravery. A painful experience, but one I am very glad I have been a part of.


1. White God

Image courtesy of filmpulse

Image courtesy of filmpulse

White God is a rousing story about the hardships of a girl and her canine companion; both are vulnerable, both are mistreated, both are lost. There is a palpable emotion that never leaves the picture, leaving you on the edge of tears for much of the two hour run-time. Be it in the strained family relationship or those when Hagen is being mistreated, one has to desperately cling to the little hope White God affords us.

It’s emotive nature isn’t always easy to watch, but White God takes us on an important, unique journey that I implore each of you to be a part of. A man in front of me in the screening said: “That was either a masterpiece, or shit” and I would argue it is much, much closer to the former.




I hope you enjoyed my favourites! Let me know your thoughts on any of March’s films and don’t forget to check back in next month!



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