Avengers: Age of Ultron


“These are… smaller agents.”

Image courtesy of businessinsider.com

Image courtesy of businessinsider.com

Is Avengers: Age of Ultron perfect? No, but who the hell cares? I have never enjoyed a cinema experience as much as I enjoyed Age of UltronIt is the best form of the Avengers sequel that could have possibly been made.

Age of Ultron has an abundance of action and a plethora of puns. The jokes come thick and fast, framing most interactions, and these are expertly gauged. In a film full to burst with action, and lasting almost 150 minutes, these jokes are a much needed tension release.

The new characters involved are excellent additions to the MCU. Unsurprisingly, they fail to steal the show, (how could they with so many stars filling the screen) but they all are more than adequate characters, with more than enough charisma to compete.

At times, Age of Ultron is messy, untidy and might not wrap everything up to your tastes, but it will certainly put you through  the emotional ringer. It is fair to say that it left me completely devastated (in the best way).

So, in a quick summary, the story is excellent, the villain is legitimately scary and the characters as charismatic as ever. Avengers: Age of Ultron is the best Marvel film, and maybe the best superhero film to date. It is certainly the most entertaining.


(N.B. James Spader’s voice will send ripples down your soul. It really is something else…)

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