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You look good! Age becomes you.

Image courtesy of fatmovieguy

Image courtesy of fatmovieguy

For all its promise of a bright future, Tomorrowland brings nothing new. It’s nicey-nice approach to the utopia genre falls somewhat flat due to its lack of inventive premise, engaging character relationships or truly unique ideas. There are henchmen straight out of Star Wars, portals very reminiscent of Stargate and fighting robots unworthy of a spot in Real Steel.

Tomorrowland‘s premise, at its heart, is simply a continuation of Disney’s tried and tested formula. A bright-eyed youth has to change the cynical mind of an aging loner. Through the youth’s innocent bravery, the older individual softens, eventually teaming up with the youth to save the day. Its a shame that this succinctly sums up Tomorrowland, even if it does include a handful of robots.

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Tomorrowland portrays a sickeningly-sweet vision of optimism; one i could not always stomach. The fact that humanity’s only hope was the optimistic attitude of one idealistic teen was too Disney for its own good, and as a person over the age of twelve, was left a little frustrated. This isn’t helped by the fact that the film often meanders along its 130 minute run time, featuring several extensive explanations, even failing to speed up in the use of jet packs and car crashes. Most of the two and a bit hours simply felt like a huge advert for an upcoming ride at Disneyland.

Thankfully, Ol’ George is on hand to charm another film to levels it should not reach. His innate charisma is infectious and his presence on screen is always a benefit to the sludging story. He is the necessary blend of unfaltering charm and aged cynicism alongside the fresh-faced and also entertaining Britt Robertson. It was also good to see Hugh Laurie back on the big screen, especially in such a dashing outfit.

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Other than a handful of enjoyable personal performances, Tomorrowland fails to deliver. Unless you’re twelve, maybe give it a miss. Tomorrowland has a little too much cheese, a drop too much sunshine and is packed too full of dramatic lines to ever excel. A little too much of the past ensures that this vision of the future will be soon forgotten.

★★ 1/2


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