I’m gonna give you my full pecker.”

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Judd Apatow’s latest picture is not, as the title suggests, a ‘Trainwreck‘ but more of a pacey train ride across a span of terrains. The ride begins basking in the urban sunshine, staggering parallel to onrushing traffic, whilst providing giggles and snorts aplenty. This free-flowing opening makes you very comfortable for the journey ahead. However, the train soon takes a couple of sharp corners, jolting you aware that the ride won’t be totally plain sailing.

The tracks eventually lead down into a greyer, marshier outskirt; an area such as you rarely see on similar journeys. Drifting amongst the darker, emotional terrain, you are acutely aware that this is a most important and vital part of the journey. The trip does manage to eek its way out of the marsh, finishing up back in the glorious sunshine, with birds twittering all around, leaving you wholly satisfied by the journey. It is an experience all will enjoy and one in which most will acknowledge that the lows are just as important as the highs.

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Trainwreck is a hugely impressive picture, and should not be dismissed as just another ‘film by Judd Apatow’. It is fiercely written, stingingly satirical and surprisingly moving. Its early focus on crass humour fades somewhat into a delicate tale of personal drama. The influx of cameoed appearances range from the inspired (Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei’s The Dogwalker) to the startling (John Cena), before descending into inelegance as the film adopts a more serious tone.

Trainwreck will surely cement Amy Schumer’s place as a critical part of the rising wave of deeply funny women, again proving that there is scant boundary to her close-to-the-line comedy. Her humour is infectious and joyfully plagues the picture. Yet, Trainwreck will separate itself from the crowded comedy arena through its intelligent and perceptive critique of personal development and self-acceptance.

★★★ 1/2

Trainwreck will be released in the UK on the 28th of August. Don’t miss it!

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