Top 5: June Favourites

Happy half-year everyone! And what a half year it has been. The summer blockbusters have started to blast their way out of the woodwork, with Jurassic World eating up box-office record after box-office record. But, did it make the top of my June favourites? Lets see…

5. Jurassic World

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So, no. It didn’t.

★★★ (But my 11 year old brother will most certainly give it a ★★★★★)

4. Spy

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Paul Feig’s latest female-lead comedy is more successful than his previous. Thanks to a wealth of truly entertaining individuals Spy ends up being a much more enjoyable picture than the hit and miss The Heat, whilst failing to live up to standards of the superb Bridesmaids. A reasonable story is enhanced by a flawless Rose Byrne performance, a delicately balanced McCarthy character and a handful of entertaining extras.


3. Minions

Image courtesy of musique.jeuxactu

Image courtesy of musique.jeuxactu

The Minions are possibly the finest children’s creation of the decade. The Minion’s comedy is a physical and slapstick one, including a nonsensical language, so clear that it can be universally understood. Similar to how Shaun the Sheep was praised for its ability to provide laugh after laugh without the use of language, Minions should be praised for its ability to provide consistent laughs despite the characters only using this nonsense language. Despite not speaking anything close to a translatable language, the Minions’ intentions are never in doubt. They finally take centre stage in this third installment and brilliantly take over the mantle from Steve Carell’s not-so-evil bad guy.

★★★ 1/2

2. Trainwreck

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Trainwreck will surely cement Amy Schumer’s place as a critical part of the rising wave of deeply funny women, again proving that there is scant boundary to her close-to-the-line comedy. Her humour is infectious and joyfully plagues the picture. Yet, Trainwreck will separate itself from the crowded comedy arena through its intelligent and perceptive critique of personal development and self-acceptance.

★★★ 1/2

1. Timbuktu


Timbuktu is a place so remarkably remote to Western eyes that its terrain and infrastructure would have looked more familiar on Tatooine than anywhere in this world. It’s glistening sand-swept landscape  holds a more sinister side than the blissfully peaceful soundtrack and idyllic family situation initially presented.

Timbuktu‘s story is one of family shaken by such instability. It is a tale of a family deserted by all they hold dear; a family clearly navigating their eventual demise. Timbuktu teaches of strength and leniency in a situation sorely lacking it. A moving and intensely delicate piece, Timbuktu opens a door to a world not too distant from our own, but feels a million miles away.



I hope you enjoyed my list and your month! Look out for my Half-Year Favourites, coming very soon!


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