Top 10: Films of 2015 (so far…)

Welcome to the halfway point in this year’s proceedings! In honour of such an event, I have compiled my Top 10 of the year so far for your viewing delight! Enjoy…

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5. Enemy

Image courtesy of tumblr

Image courtesy of tumblr

The only film on this list I have not reviewed, Enemy, from director Denis Villenueve (Sicaro), is a remarkable film which features two remarkable performances from Jake Gyllenhaal. The sepia-toned Enemy is an film based off an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Double. The Canadian world of Adam Bell is fragmented and distorted as he sees someone who looks exactly like him. It is, at times, absurd and always psychologically thrilling. Enemy is a film severely unappreciated film and is Denis Villenueve’s finest to date.


4. Foxcatcher


Foxcatcher is not a fast-paced thriller, Bennett Miller chose a slow, oozing building of tension that worked masterfully. Miller’s style was effective, giving the film a tangible power that radiated throughout. Foxcatcher drips with power, from the looks Carell would shoot to the intangible air of power he had over all those around him, you were constantly overwhelmed. The film was rarely loud and never brash; Foxcatcher never chose to bully you into submission. Several awe-inspiring performances cap off what is a stand-out picture.

★★★★ 1/2

3. Mad Max: Fury Road

Image courtesy of youtube

Image courtesy of youtube

Mad Max: Fury Road is relentless. The film rarely allows you a moment’s respite with action sequences as ambitious as they are extensive. The phenomenal stunt work is back with a vengeance, producing countless awe-inspiring moments of human marvel. The film’s action retains the spirit of the original trilogy through its use of its increased speed shots and unyielding destruction. One cannot help but feel gloriously overwhelmed.

If you let Mad Max: Fury Road whisk you away in its thousand-horsepower hurricane then its foot-to-the-floor vehicular madness will leave you endlessly entertained. Fury Road is a masterclass in post-apocalyptic action filmmaking and writing. It is relentless, exhausting and most certainly, Mad.

★★★★ 1/2

2. Ex Machina

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Ex Machina is another fine example of the heights British Sci-fi can reach. Ex Machina is the superb directorial debut of Alex Garland and is both smart and terrifying. Though the film is somewhat predictable in its fashion, it is packed full of tension and suspense. Its excellent cast is the film’s crowing glory; Oscar Isaac is in inspired form and Alicia Vikander’s hypnotising performance shows why she’s one of the hottest upcoming actresses today. Ex Machina isn’t perfect, nor is it totally original, but it’s a damn good film.

★★★★ 1/2

1. Whiplash

Image courtesy of andsoitbeginsfilms

Image courtesy of andsoitbeginsfilms

Is Whiplash the best film I’ve seen since the advent of Wilson Reviews? Undoubtedly. Is it the best film I’ve ever seen? Potentially.

After my first viewing, I couldn’t find a reason why Whiplash wasn’t perfect. After the second, I was splitting hairs. Perfection is a strong word, but Whiplash is a strong film.



10 thoughts on “Top 10: Films of 2015 (so far…)

  1. Wasn’t a big fan of Foxcatcher but I love the rest of the list! Great to see Enemy getting some love. Great film!

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