Top 10: Worst Of 2015 (Part 1)

2015 wasn’t the best year in cinema. It started off as brightly as ever, as the awards contenders graced our screens. We were treated to American SniperBirdmanFoxcatcherSelma, Whiplash, Ex Machina and A Most Violent Year in January, yet the rest of the year could not keep up. Some stinkers followed, as box office goliaths failed and mainstream comedies produced less laughs than Schindler’s List. What follows is the first half of those films that stunk up cinemas, including those I was unfortunate enough to be in attendance of.

This list begins with…

10. Jupiter Ascending


Well, wasn’t this a lot of money down the drain. Featuring superb dialogue such as “Bees are genetically engineered to recognise royalty”, Jupiter Ascending failed to spark the attentions of the nation. And rightly so. Jupiter Ascending plays out as what happens when the inaudible Redmayne meets the unstoppable horror of Mila Kunis. Excuses can be given to Redmayne, Tatum and Kunis however, due how badly the film was written.

Jupiter Ascending is not quite ‘Poopiter Descending’, but neither can it ascend very high. Still, Sean Bean.

★★ 1/2

9. Tomorrowland

Image courtesy of fatmovieguy

For all its promise of a bright future, Tomorrowland brings nothing new. It’s nicey-nice approach to the utopia genre falls somewhat flat due to its lack of inventive premise, engaging character relationships or truly unique ideas. There are henchmen straight out of Star Wars, portals very reminiscent of Stargate and fighting robots unworthy of a spot in Real Steel.

Tomorrowland was a much too painful reminder that Disney is fallible.

★★ 1/2

8. Fantastic Four


Critically derided, it will come to no surprise that this reboot features on another Worst of 2015 list.  It feels patched together from very promising elements into a slow, lackluster picture. The story may bounce and jump around, but I will not say that nothing worthwhile comes out of it. The film hints at the promise and the “fantastic” version Trank tweeted of, and whilst these hints never develop into a successful reboot, I can say that I enjoyed their attempts to do so.

Fantastic Four isn’t quite as rotten as the critical ‘greengrocers’ have sold you, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be thrown out.


7. Sisters


There’s little that the combined charm of Fey and Poehler can’t fix, but Sisters gives that fact a run for its money. Essentially an empty pallet for the pair to mess around in, Sisters sacrifices significantly. There is a lack of things happening, storyline developments or general party feeling. For a story set so firmly around the idea of the party to beat all parties, the Sisters’ feels surprisingly quiet. Sisters is 1% Trainwreck and not funny enough to compensate.


6. The Interview


Well at least James Franco thought it was funny. The Interview may be the most controversial release in recent memory, but that doesn’t mean you should see it. I made that mistake.

The Interview is like a roll of Fruit Pastilles; you have to go through all the rubbish colours, to enjoy the couple of good’uns. Though there are a few laughs to enjoy, there are too many uncomfortable moments to go through to properly appreciate them.


And there’s Part 1! I hope you enjoyed the list more than I did the film’s residing within it. Part 2 will be along in a couple of days so keep a beady eye out you gorgeous lot. Any guesses on what will be on Part 2?

Image courtesy of collider, fatmovieguy, boomstickcomics, rogermooresmovienation and latimes respectively. 



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