Top 10: Worst of 2015 (Part 2)

And here it is. The post you’ve been waiting a whole three days for. Since Part 1 of this list that is. The conclusion of the worst films of 2015. And yes, more stinkers await. Enjoy…

5. The Wedding Ringer

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad

If you are so inclined to see The Wedding Ringer, remember to turn your brain off first. Amongst the horrendously lazy stereotypes and flat humour, there lies a skeleton of a story. When the film is not painting Josh Gad as an uncool, uncoordinated buffoon, the film delicately depicts the importance of friendship. This relationship of friendship is seen from both sides and occasionally the film hits some emotional tones. It is a shame that this emotion is hidden beneath a wealth of shoddy production, poor acting and unfunny jokes.

When a film makes Ride Along look like Dodgeball, you know it isn’t good. Skip this one and rewatch Wedding Crashers.


4. Pound of Flesh


Pound of Flesh is barely more than a paint-by-numbers revenge plot. It is quiet, boring and meanders, and is interspersed with less than inspiring fight sequences. It is obviously a film with little money, and littler interest. JCVD’s sunglasses hide his embarrassment, hindering his ass-kicking credentials.



I didn’t like The Voices. I couldn’t tell if many of the film’s scenes were awful intentionally, or unintentionally. Though Anna Kendrick was her cutesy self, and Reynolds was reasonably charming, they weren’t enough to rescue this clear misfire.


2. Mortdecai


Do I need to add my insults to the mass that will forever orbit around this monstrosity? Unfunny, awkward, poorly judged and hard to like. Laughs do fall but they are few and far between and not worth the mountain of crassness you have to climb up to taste them.

★ 1/2

1. The Gunman


One would think that with Sean Penn, Jasmine Trinca, Javier Bardem, Ray Winstone and Idris Elba packed into one picture, some interesting characters would be on show; that assumption would be wrong. Penn spends most of his time frowning or flexing his new figure, whilst lacking the action might of a Neeson. His character is no help, with Penn placed in a cookie-cutter good-guy-who-has-made-a-mistake-but-has-nothing-interesting-to-say role.

The only way I’d rewatch The Gunman is if someone had a gun to my head. Sean Penn has unfortunately shot himself in the foot with this disastrous mess.

Don’t dare tread anywhere near these failures. You’ll thank me later. If you don’t heed my warning, you’ll only regret it. I hope you enjoyed my list nevertheless.

Images courtesy of Flickering Myth, avclub, closeup, abloginthedark and nypost respectively. 



4 thoughts on “Top 10: Worst of 2015 (Part 2)

  1. Oh god The Gunman! Definitely deserving of the worst spot! I actually liked The Voices for its quirkiness but I can easily see why people would hate it. I was actually tempted by Pound of Flesh simply for the JCVD silliness but I see it’s just not good anyway.

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