Trailer Time: Tallulah

The trailer has dropped for Ellen Page’s newest feature, Tallulah, which I recently reviewed here. The film was premiered at Sundance Film Festival, to widely positive reviews, and is a shrewd purchase from Netflix.

Written by Sian Heder, Tallulah is based on her experience as a babysitter in upmarket hotels. There she met a woman drastically ill-equipped to be a mother, and the story of Tallulah was seeded. Page plays Lou, a young wanderer, too scared to lay roots, too proud to ask for help. Her life is turned upside-down when a child’s well-being scares her into action, sparking a desperate struggle for acceptance, comfort and safety.

Tallulah is a deeply emotional and richly rewarding experience. Make sure to catch it when it premieres on Netflix at the end of July. But for now, enjoy the trailer. Be warned: tissues may be required.

Scratch that: tissues will be required.

Image courtesy of teaser-trailer.


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