About Jake

Jake Wilson

Freelance Writer and NCTJ-qualified journalist

Jake Wilson is a writer based in London, UK. He works for Match of the Day magazine and specialises in football, film, gaming and the crazy world of professional wrestling. He has written reviews and features for outlets including Den of Geek, hmv, Flickering Myth and Hodderscape


Allied (Den of Geek)

The Magnificent Seven (Den of Geek)

Ben-Hur (Den of Geek)

Jackie (Wilson Reviews)



Thousand Words: The Everyday Heroes of Patriots Day – A Conversation with Sergeant Jeff Pugliese (The Big Picture Magazine)

Four Frames: White God (Kornél Mundruczó, 2015) (The Big Picture Magazine)

The 12 Mark Wahlberg films where he holds a gun on the poster (Den of Geek)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest muscle flexes (Den of Geek)

The Rise of the Robots (Hodderscape)

11 Times Tina Fey Perfectly Described Your Relationship With Food (Buzzfeed – 129K views)

A 70mm Celebration (Wilson Reviews)


Online Sport Reports

WWE Beast in the East (Flickering Myth)

Brighton’s weekend of rugby full of colour, character and comradery (The Argus)

Jake also publishes reviews, articles and the occasional list post on his film blog. He can also be found on Twitter, where his words are sometimes deemed good enough for use by film promoters.




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